Adele Huculak, RCC

Effective and Supportive Online Counsellor Adele Huculak, RCC

Effective and Supportive Online Counsellor Adele Huculak, RCC

We are all on a journey.  We come into life with hopes and dreams and sometimes those plans are shattered.  Life is not going as it ought.

You are on a journey and your story is unique to you.  You have felt like you have been wandering aimlessly.  You have experiences of relationship distress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, abandonment, and uncertainty.  Life is messy and the struggle is real.  Perhaps you have tried to resolve your issues or process pieces of your life but still feel stuck, like you are spinning your wheels.

I believe your healing will begin or continue to unfold when you share your story in a safe and trusted space.  I can provide this place for you.  I am hopeful and confident as you take time to examine your story with curiosity, compassion, and clarity, you will resolve some of the struggles you have lived through.

Your story needs a place to be heard.  Your story matters. You matter.  I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

In the words of Ann Voscamp: Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.


My Professional Background

Masters of Science in Clinical Counselling
Divine Mercy University, Virginia

Bachelor of Arts in Theology
Catholic Distance University, Virginia

Additional training:
Indigenious Cultural Safety
Internal Family Systems

People I have counselled have shared these common story lines:

Midlife Review
Mood Management
Relationship Stress
Self-Confidence & Esteem
Significant Life Change (chronic pain, estrangement from family members, death, divorce, separation, retirement).


My Counselling Approach

My approach in supporting clients is person-centered.  I believe in the innate dignity of every person.  I work from an attachment focused and strength based point of view.  I teach my clients mindfulness tips and use a blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Experiential Therapy with other styles of therapy to help my clients on their journey to wellness.  Since each person is an unrepeatable gift to the world I work with the client to find what therapies might work best for him or her.

I only offer online counselling.


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