Andrea Vukobrat, Counselling Intern

Andrea Vukobrat, Counselling Intern

Andrea Vukobrat, Counselling Intern

In today’s fast-paced world, it can often feel like we hardly have time to sit with ourselves.

We may find ourselves with our nose so pressed to the grindstone that we don’t notice or don’t have time to address the things that sit heavy on our hearts, impact our day-to-day or limit our ability to exist as our authentic selves.

My hope is that when we connect, we can create time and space for you to attend to your inner world. This can look like processing experiences, examining beliefs, and deepening your understanding of your hopes and dreams. We will also discover what it would be like for you to move along life’s journey in a way that honours your values, needs, and relationships.

As a counsellor in training, I consider myself incredibly privileged and blessed to get to walk alongside clients as they move through life. I greatly look forward to working with you and creating a therapeutic relationship that is safe and supportive.


My Professional Bio

Trinity Western University
Masters of Counselling – in progress

University of British Columbia
Bachelors of Psychology


My Counselling Approach

I am first and foremost a person-centred practitioner. I believe that you are the expert in your life and that the goal is not for you to be told the answers you are seeking by a “professional,” but rather for you to unearth these answers within yourself. In our work, my goal is to support you to tune in to your own inner voice.

As I am currently a student counsellor, my approach is still quite eclectic and multi-modal and I use a variety of interventions as appropriate including emotion-focused, cognitive-behavioural, and experiential approaches.

The framework I use within session is informed by feminist and multicultural theories to set the context for how the world around us may contribute to the struggles we encounter. This framework will also help to validate and protect us in the face of these harmful impacts.

I am committed to ensuring that the care that I provide is trauma-informed and that your experience in counselling is one that is safe enough to allow your most authentic self to come forward.


My Areas of Practice

As a counsellor in-training, I am still discovering where my area of practice will lie. I am eager to support you in any challenges you may be facing. I would not hesitate to enthusiastically continue to educate myself and lean on my clinical supervisors as much as is needed.

Thus far, I have worked with clients around the following:

– Family struggles
– Traumatic childhood experiences and their impact on the present day
– Asserting boundaries
– Relational challenges


As an Intern, my work with my clients are supervised by Bart Begalka, RCC.