Nutrition Counselling for Better Health

Learn sustainable strategies for optimal health



Fullness of Years, a pre-retirement counselling program

Have a peak at Bart Begalka’s take on pre-retirement preparation



In Review: After The Affair – How Therapy Helps

How to find freedom from the pain of betrayal



Tips to make Couples Counselling Effective

Make your couples therapy yield its highest returns



Are you in a Co-Dependent Relationship?

What co-dependency in relationships looks like



Benefits of Counselling

If you are new to counselling, read here how counselling could help you.



Eating Disorders: Types and Characteristics

One of the top 10 mental health disorders in Canada



Mama Trauma: Helping Mothers Develop Secure Attachment

Learn about counselling for mothers-to-be and new mommas 



Attachment Styles: Why We Relate To Others The Way We Do

Learn about Attachment Theory, and Attachment Styles



Easy Self-Care Strategies Everyone Can Do

A good time during COVID19 pandemic to be learning about self-care



Therapy As A Gift To Yourself

A Modern Day Perspective: What Therapy Means About You and Your Life



Tips for A Successful eCounselling Session

Mental Health during a Pandemic: How to make the most of your video or phone counselling session



Counselling for Depression

Counselling can help with overwhelming feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, and loss of interest in life



Counselling Helps the Experience of Trauma

From physical and emotional abuse, to motor vehicle accidents, to the prolonged and sustained collective trauma of Covid-19



Grief Counselling

Processing one’s loss and pain, and moving forward



Finding Meaning in Pain

A therapist’s perspective



A Guide to Beating Seasonal Blues

When winter gets you down



Improving Poor Self-Esteem

How counselling can help you with poor self-esteem