Ashiya Khan-Sequeira, RCC

Coquitlam Counsellor Ashiya Khan-Sequeira

Ashiya Khan Sequeira MA RCC, Individual and Couples Counsellor

I believe that everyone deserves to live life to their best potential. However, in life, challenges, past struggles, a crisis or other issues may prevent us from living our optimal life. As an experienced and effective counsellor, I believe that if individuals are given an opportunity they will be able to find their inner resources and strengths. It is never too late to make positive changes and live the life you want.

Change comes in many different forms. Small changes can have a ripple effect in your everyday life and can eventually lead to bigger ones. Therapy can be a very powerful tool in healing and discovering your strengths and capabilities.

I have worked for many sectors of the social service field, such as government agencies, group homes, community centres and schools. I have also facilitated numerous psycho-educational and therapy groups on the subjects of depression, anxiety and self-empowerment.

In my leisure time, I can be found with my spouse of 17 years and my three young children. I enjoy biking, running, hiking and visiting the local parks. In addition, I also enjoy dining out with friends and spending my time reading.


My Professional Biography

I have a Masters in Counselling Psychology degree from the Adler School of Psychology, in Vancouver, BC.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. With over 15 years of counselling experience, I have enjoyed working with individuals young and old, and couples.

I have worked with clients who are struggling with many diverse issues such as:

Relationship issues (couples and individual)
– Women’s Issues
– Cross-cultural Issues
– Growth and Personal Development

I also have a special interest in cross cultural issues such as fitting into mainstream culture, cross cultural relationships/marriages and other struggles related to cultural adjustment.


My Counselling Approach

I consider each individual unique and therefore work with them according to what best fits their needs and lifestyle. I am trained in a variety of modalities of therapy and I customize my approach to each client’s needs.

My holistic approach to counselling allows me to incorporate an individual’s mind, body and spirit in the therapy process. I strongly believe that individuals are experts on their own lives and encourage them to be active participants.

I provide a safe, comfortable and confidential environment for my clients. Each individual is unique and I tailor a treatment plan based on the specific needs of each client.

I work within an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed framework.

As a woman of colour, I am also genuinely dedicated to being part of the healing and empowering process for racialized and marginalized communities. I am a strong ally for the LGBTQ2+ community. I provide a safe and nurturing environment for all my clients so they can be heard, seen, and understood.


An Experienced and Effective Counsellor

My intention is to help people live life to their fullest potential by creating positive changes such as:

– Decreasing and managing anxieties and worries
– Improving mood and enhancing quality of life
– Healing past or recent trauma
– Reducing distress in relationships and increasing emotional connection
– Overcoming destructive patterns
– Becoming unstuck and moving towards living the life they desire
– Increasing self-esteem and confidence
– Improving cross-cultural relationships and other cultural challenges
– Making meaningful and long lasting lifestyle changes

Living the life you want is possible! Call me today.