Ashley Wan, RCC

Compassionate and Supportive Grief Counsellor, Ashley Wan, RCC

Compassionate and Supportive Counsellor Ashley Wan, RCC

I believe that happiness and thriving depends upon the quality of the relationships we have with ourselves (our bodies, minds/intellects, emotions, and spirits/souls), with others, and with the systems in which we live, work, and interact with.

I provide a compassionate and supportive space where you and your experience can be heard and received without judgment, and where we can explore these relationships and the areas where you desire to see change.


Professional Background

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
University of Victoria, Canada

Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Health
University of British Columbia, Canada

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

I have additional training in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP, Level 1).


My Therapeutic Approach

My approach to therapy is client-centred and collaborative, relational and trauma-informed.

  • Client-centred and collaborative means that I’ll let you take the lead on what to focus on in each session, and that we’ll work together to approach and generate change in a way that works for you.
  • Relational means that for me, the quality of our therapeutic relationship is of the highest priority. It also means that in exploring what you bring to therapy, our relationship may be used as one means (among many) to gain more insight and experience.
  • Trauma-informed means that I’ll create a comfortable and contained environment to gently hold whatever comes up during session, and that I’ll support you to recognize and build upon your strengths and to grow in resilience.

My therapeutic style is predominantly influenced by interpersonal, Gestalt, attachment, psychodynamic, and existential theories. Depending on what arises during therapy, I may incorporate tools and interventions from mindfulness-based approaches, acceptance and commitment therapy, internal family systems, cognitive-behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy, and narrative therapy.


My Areas of Focus

My professional experience and interests have centred primarily on the following areas:

  • Grieving over loss (of a friend, acquaintance, significant other, parent, pet, a failed dream or passion, of spirituality/religion/faith, other).
  • Clarifying identity (including values, passion, meaning/purpose, exploration of gender and sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, other)
  • Working through relationship concerns, strain, conflict, and communication (for example, between partners or siblings, between parents and adult children)
  • End of life concerns
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Forgiving others and/or self
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Strengthening self-confidence, acceptance, compassion, and awareness
  • Processing through a major life transition
  • Existential concerns
  • Spirituality/religion-related (for example, spiritual/faith crisis or disillusionment)


I am currently accepting adult clients for short-term and long-term individual counselling.

I provide in-person counselling in our Coquitlam office (click here for our location), as well as virtually.​

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