Benefits of Counselling & Therapy

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The benefits of counselling and psychotherapy are many.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is pretty much behind us, perhaps we are not as stressed as we were while in the thick of it. But sadly, and without a doubt, so many of us have been affected by it.

Whether we lost someone and was unable to say a proper goodbye, or we lost our business due to shutdowns, this period of time has been the most profoundly challenging for the majority of us in our lifetime. Counselling with a professionally trained counsellor or therapist can help us process the multitude of complex emotions that have distressed us as a result of this pandemic.

If you have been sad or angry for longer than you can remember, counselling can also help.

If you are feeling helpless in communicating with your spouse, counselling too can help you.

And if you are finding it challenging to parent a child who is defiant, uncontrollable, or has exhibited neurodivergent behaviours, counselling can also help you there.

Most importantly, we believe the key benefit that everyone deserves to enjoy, is an overall improvement in quality of life.



What are the Benefits of Counselling?


Learn to manage negative thoughts and emotions (read What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do. As you journey with your therapist, you will likely delve into the past, helping you to understand and perceive of your past life in a way that is helpful and forward-moving.

Acquire tools to renew and repair relationships (read Couples and Marriage Counselling). Research has shown that couples seek help in their relationship on average 6 years after the issue first manifested itself in their relationship. However, couples who recognize problems and are able to repair their relationships, have a higher chance of saving their relationship. Read Tips for Making Couples Relationship Effective.

Gain clarity. If you are in the midst of a stressful life situation, it is often difficult to think clearly. This affects how you make decisions. Counselling can help you clarify and sort out your thoughts, so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Experience a decrease in symptoms. In the process of counselling, your therapist will share some useful tips and strategies to help you cope with symptoms. While counselling has many benefits, our clients tell us that they really appreciate the non-judgmental, non-blaming, and non-critical space we provide to release all their trapped thoughts and pent up emotions. You too can experience this catharsis today.

Furthermore, counselling can also help you achieve:
– a sense of wellbeing
– greater self-awareness
– a renewed sense of hope
– increased personal strength and confidence
– a sense of meaning and purpose

Additionally, you may also feel an increase in energy and zest for life.


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