The Innova Community Mental Health Education Initiative 2017 is an invitation to all organizations in the Tri-Cities and Lower Mainland, to educate and inform themselves about mental health issues. We invite the community to find out how mental health is affecting the lives of your employees and ultimately, the productivity of your businesses.

Community Education

The main goal of our Initiative is primarily to help reduce the stigma of therapy. Additionally, we want to bring awareness to mental health and its wide-ranging effects. Ultimately, we hope that our Initiative will increase community, familial and personal well-being.

Innova counsellors in Coquitlam welcome you to discuss how we could personalize talks or workshops on any mental health topic for your benefit. Rest assured, we will ensure that these are relevant, transformational and effective, for your employees, your business, and for the overall mental health of our community.

Quality of Talks

We present talks and workshops that are foundational upon evidence-based research findings. Additionally, as a group, we have invaluable years of personal and professional experiences, from a spectrum of cultures and perspectives. Together, we strive to consistently deliver a high quality service, based on an ardent desire to transform lives for the better.

The following is a sampling of the types of talks and workshops that we can personalize to meet your goals:


– Learn to identify symptoms of depression
– What you can do if you have depression
– Support loved ones with depression


– What are symptoms of anxiety
– Types of anxiety – what’s on the anxiety spectrum
– Learn how to manage and live with anxiety


– What is self-esteem
– How did you get poor self-esteem
– Learn how to defeat poor self-esteem and live a healthier life


– What is mindfulness
– Benefits of mindful living
– Learn to integrate mindfulness into your life

Stress Management

– How stress affects our health
– Learn stress management techniques to cope with daily stressors

And many more … including grief, trauma, workplace bullying, online bullying, and many more.

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