COVID-19 Safety Plan & Protocol

The following COVID-19 Safety Plan & Protocol has been reactivated (per PHO January 7, 2022) to help reduce the spread of the virus on our premises and into the community.


We will continue to monitor updates by the authorities. As recommendations change, we will adhere, adapt and change accordingly.


COVID-19 Safety Plan: The Office



Innova will maintain deep cleaning of the entire office on a regular basis.

Deep cleaning includes wiping down of all surfaces, with disinfectant wipes (with a minimum 70% alcohol) paying particular attention to high-touch surfaces. These include door handles, door knobs, arms of chairs, light switches, taps, table tops, water glasses (to be washed thoroughly), etc.

Counsellors must wipe down in between client appointments with supplies provided by Innova.

Hand sanitizers that contain at least 70% alcohol will be made available in the office, the waiting room and in each therapy room, whenever these are available.

Counsellors are encouraged to bring their own drinkware to the office. No liquids will be served to clients at this time.

Room Arrangement

A maximum of 6 persons are allowed at any one time in the office.

Room design, including the waiting area, have been re-configured to maintain a minimum 2m (or 6 feet) distance between seats.

Where the minimum distance cannot be achieved, a plexiglass barrier will be erected.

All non-essential items will be removed from the waiting area.

Office Supplies and Maintenance

Counsellors will bring in their own office supplies such as pens, staplers, etc, to avoid touching shared supplies.

Common areas and shared equipment will be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.


Counsellors are encouraged to schedule their clients such that there is sufficient gap in between clients, for them to (i) ensure that there is minimal contact between clients and other counsellors, and (ii) for wiping down of high touch areas to be done.

Clients are to be advised to enter Innova Therapy locations just before their appointment start time, to minimise the number of people in the Innova Therapy waiting room. Clients may wait outside, or in their vehicles, and wait to be texted before entering Innova Therapy locations.

For couples or families, counsellors must ensure that individuals are from the same household or bubble.



COVID-19 Safety Plan: Protocol




  • All new clients must read, understand, accept, and sign the Informed Consent for In-Person Counselling During the COVID-19 Pandemic form, prior to leaving their homes.
  • Clients must inform their counsellor prior to leaving their homes if they have a fever, shortness of breath or a cough, or have been exposed to someone who shows signs of COVID-19. Clients are directed to do a self-assessment here
  • Clients must wear a mask when entering Innova Therapy locations.
  • If client’s appointment is not within the next five minutes, they should remain outside the office, or in their vehicle.
  • While still in the waiting room, counsellors are to inform clients which therapy room their session will take place so that single-person access can be maintained.

Arrival and Check In

  • A mandatory social distance of a minimum of 2m (6 feet) is to be maintained at all times. Therefore, there will be no hugging, handshaking, or touching of any kind.
  • Counsellor will conduct a pre-session check/screening in the waiting room:

– Does client have symptoms, or been exposed to a person tested positive for COVID-19?

– Is client wearing a mask or have used the hand sanitizer provided?

  • If clients have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they are to be sent home and utilise the eCounselling option to have sessions by phone or video. There will be no cancellation fee charged.
  • Clients are to be reminded to wash their hands and not to touch their faces.

In Session

  • If clients show symptoms for COVID-19 while in session, they are to be sent home immediately. There will be no cancellation fee charged.
  • If clients are apprehensive or nervous about their in-person session, this should be addressed sufficiently.

At End of Session

  • Determine client’s suitability and appropriateness of in-person counselling when making client’s next session.
  • To avoid use of credit card stations or portables, clients are encouraged to read out their CC details for counsellor’s input, have their CC information saved on our secure platform, or send an etransfer. There will be no cash transactions.
  • There will be no printed invoices or receipts. All invoices or receipts are to be emailed to clients.
  • All homework or resources are to be sent to clients via email. No printed documents will be shared.
  • Escort clients out of the office, while adhering to minimum social distancing rules.