In the midst of conflict or divorce, the Hear the Child report helps decision makers consider the best interests of the child. Feeling heard and validated can buffer them from the attachment disruptions they experience when their parents separate.

Hear the Child reports | Lorna Demedeiros, RSW

Counselling for moms and dads during pregnancy, and after birth. Learn ways to communicate effectively with each other to provide a loving and thriving environment that is optimum for healthy growth and development.

Perinatal Counselling | Farah Dawood, RCC

Love and Life workshops are fun, interactive and most importantly, life-changing! Designed specially for committed couples in long term relationships

Love and Life Workshops | Bart Begalka RCC & Sam Fattahi RCC

Nutrition counselling with our Registered Dietitians Mona Kang and Nanette Ho. Get your health in to optimum levels, so that you can enjoy life to the fullest! Feel healthy, feel better today!

Nutrition Counselling |  Mona Kang and Nanette Ho, RDs