Hear the Child Reports

When two people get married and start a family, the last thing they would want to do is to break up the family. However, conflict arise due to miscommunication, intolerance, etc. In the end, the children are affected.

In the midst of conflict or divorce, it is possible to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

The Hear the Child Report is a non-evaluative report, compiled over several interviews with the child. The report is intended to help decision-makers consider the best interests of the child.

When a family goes through a separation or a divorce, it is important to include the child’s perspective.

Feeling heard and validated can buffer them from the attachment disruptions they experience when their parents separate.

The Hear the Child interviews are carried out in a safe space where children can express themselves freely regarding their parents, and what separation and future family life could look like.

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Lorna Demedeiros, Registered Social Worker and Certified Trauma Therapist, is trained in writing Hear the Child reports.

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