Low Cost Counselling

Innova Therapy Inc. offers low cost counselling to members of our community who struggle with mental health issues, and find it challenging to pay our regular professional fee.

As a part of our service to the community, we have contracted with interns and students from accredited institutions of higher learning in British Columbia. Like many other health professionals, counsellors in BC must meet stringent minimum standards before they could become members of professional associations.

The British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) is the professional association that represents Registered Clinical Counsellors in our province. One of the criteria of joining the BCACC is successful completion of a Masters degree in Counselling, Counselling Psychology or Clinical Psychology.

Most Masters degrees typically include at least 500 hours of direct and supervised counselling with clients.

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Andrea Vukobrat, MA Counselling Intern


Low cost counselling does not equate to counselling that is less than professional. Clinical Supervisors, who have a minimum of 5 years of practice, are required to ensure that the student is providing a safe and high level of service to our clients. Supervisors meet with their students on a regular basis, consult on cases, and provide advice and direction.

Innova Therapy has also contracted with Associates, who are counsellors with Masters degrees, and who are waiting for their registration with the BCACC.

We are honoured and proud to be a part of the journey of our interns and associates, and in the making of a counsellor.


Low Cost Counselling Fees


For Individuals

With a Practicum Student, $60 per session

With an Associate, $80 per session


For Couples

With a Practicum Student, $80 per 50-min session

With an Associate, $100 per 50-min session

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