Men’s Issues

Men and women are affected by the same emotions, and both experience similar life and mental health issues. However, men are traditionally less likely to seek counselling. Over thousands of years, men have been considered the provider and the protector of the family, of society, of civilization. This socialization of men’s roles has endured over the ages.

Thankfully this is changing, as more and more men are seeking counselling. Men are recognizing that they too are not perfect, that they fall into depths as much as women do. The stigma of going to therapy is no longer that. Going to therapy for anyone is now seen as a sign of courage and strength.

There are however some issues that men tend to struggle with more than women.



So what are men’s issues?

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In Canada, StatsCan reported that men are 3 times more likely to die by suicide than women.

According to the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, approximately one million men suffer from major depression in Canada each year.

Men also struggle with substance abuse and addictions, problem gambling, workplace issues, relationship conflict, and housing and financial insecurities.

They also struggle with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, other mood and personality disorders, grief, trauma,  and so on. Some men suffer with their sexuality, with porn addiction, with gender identity.

Others struggle with lack of a father figure in their lives, anger management, mid-life crisis, or intimate partner violence (IPV), an issue that is very rarely discussed. The government of Canada reported in 2021 that men comprise about 20% of all IPV cases reported to police, and about 20% of IPV homicide victims are men (Read here for more information).



Counselling for Men


Effective counselling for men – or for anyone for that matter – depends on what the clients bring into therapy and is willing to open up and work on. Every story is different. Each one is based on a unique set of circumstances. The most effective therapy is one that is personal to that individual.

Effective therapy is based on the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor. For any client to open up and reach deep, they have to trust and believe in the counsellor. They have got to know that the counsellor can relate to them, understands them on a deep, profound level, and has the skills to support and validate when required, and challenge and confront when necessary.

Do you know someone who needs help? Is there a man in your life who could benefit from counselling? Have an honest and loving conversation with them and let them know that we have counsellors with the skills and knowledge to help them.



Counsellors for Men’s Issues

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