Mental or Emotional Obstacles

Elise Hartin Registered Clinical Counsellor Elise Hartin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who finds immense satisfaction in helping people to achieve success in their lives, by addressing and conquering their mental or emotional obstacles.

​Mental or emotional obstacles may be preventing you from achieving health and happiness. Working with your therapist, you could identify these challenges and work towards overcoming them.

​If you wonder whether you experience obstacles that may be hindering you from reaching your goals, consider these questions:
Could my beliefs about myself and what I am capable of achieving be affecting my efforts?

Does my mood have an impact on my success in achieving my goals?

Could traumatic experiences that I have had be impacting my success? (These traumatic experiences may include abuse or bullying).

Is my self-esteem affecting my ability to succeed in my goals?

Do I use unhealthy coping skills (e.g. food, alcohol, drugs, or self-harm activities) as an escape or an attempt to help me feel better?

Do I often use ‘thinking traps’ when it comes to my health or happiness goals? Some common ‘thinking traps’ that negatively affect these types of goals can be:

  • All-or-nothing thinking: This is when we define something as either perfection or failure and look at things in extremes (e.g. “I have to stick to my exercise plan 100% or I have failed”).
  • Fortune telling: This is when we predict something negative is going to happen (e.g. “I am going to do poorly on my presentation tomorrow, so I might as well call in sick”).
  • Labeling: This is when we label ourselves with words that narrowly define us and often negatively impact us (e.g. “failure,” “ugly,” “lazy,” or “stupid”).

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, give me a call today. I would be honoured to help you in your pursuit of health.

How to contact Elise

Emailing is the best way to reach Elise. To protect your privacy, please do not reveal any personal or confidential information in your message.

​You may also call 6 0 4 – 3 7 4 – 0 9 2 5 or leave a message for Elise. She will call you back as soon as she can.