Nanette Ho, Registered Dietitian

Nanette Ho, Registered Dietitian Innova Therapy Inc Maple Ridge, experienced nutritionist and dietitian helping clients with IBS, gastro-intestinal issues, weight management, meal planning, etc

Nanette Ho, Registered Dietitian | Innova Therapy Inc.

We all need nourishment, but our nutritional needs can vary widely. Individualized nutrition counselling can help you feel uniquely understood, and empowered to take realistic steps towards a better relationship with food.

If you are struggling to make sense of all the contradicting nutrition messages on social media, you are not alone. Registered Dietitians can help you sort through the confusion, and find out what truly works best for you. I can support your journey towards better health and wellness using an evidence-based approach that is safe, sustainable, and stress-free.


Professional Biography

I have worked in a large, fast-paced hospital for over 6 years, and developed nutrition care plans for patients ranging for pre-term infants to very ill adults in intensive care units.  Some of my most rewarding areas of work include paediatrics, and specializing in the multidisciplinary care management of patients with eating disorders.

I also developed a keen interest in learning about the gut and expanding my horizons abroad, so in 2018 I pursued a Masters of Science degree in Gastroenterology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  It is through the gut that we can nourish our body and mind, thus optimizing gut health is an integral part of improving our sense of well-being.


College of Dietitians of BC – Full Registrant, Jun 2015 – Present

Certified Nutrition Support Clinician, Sep 2019 – Present

Master of Science in Gastroenterology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sep 2018 – Jun 2019

Bachelor of Science, majoring in Dietetics, University of British Columbia, Sep 2012 – Jun 2015

Bachelor of Science, majoring in Food, Nutrition and Health, University of British Columbia, Sep 2006 – May 2010


A Better Relationship with Food

My experience working in a wide range of clinical settings has highlighted the importance of adapting nutrition counselling to the specific needs of individuals. One meal plan does not fit all!

Effective nutrition counselling (Read Nutrition Counselling for Better Health) explores more than just specific nutrients, but also the environment in which we live and eat, and the connections we have through food. Using the concepts such as mindful eating and the Stages of Change model, I aim to help clients find more joy in eating, and confidently make choices that better nourish their body and mind.


My areas of practice include: 


About Me

I am currently exploring my Chinese-Canadian identity, which includes attempting to recreate my grandmother’s Cantonese recipes. On weekends, you can find me jogging, hiking, baking, sipping a coffee on one hand with a pastry waiting on the other, planning my next vacation, or watching shows with my favourite people and snacks. Other recent endeavours include indoor climbing and figuring out how to hang a gallery wall in my apartment.


I see clients in person in our Coquitlam office (click here for our location), as well as virtually.


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