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Individual Counselling

Whether you have experienced a “normal” childhood, abuse, or tragedy, everyone can benefit from individual counselling.

Do you feel stuck in life, not knowing what’s best for you, or how to move forward?

Are you feeling sad most of the time, and you can’t understand why?

Are you lashing out in anger at your loved ones, and wishing you had not?

Do you feel dissatisfied with the way your life is at the moment?

Are you ruining your relationships because you can’t seem to control your emotions?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by what life seems to be hurling at you?

Counseling for Depression and anxiety

If any of the above resonated with you, we want you to know that you are not alone. Our counsellors can help you identify more precisely what it is that is clouding over you. We can then start to get a better understanding of the source of your emotions and reactions. Following that, we start charting a path to get you out of that negative space that is not serving you.

Counselling for Depression

Depression is a mental ailment that is affecting millions of people around the world. With the current pandemic and all of the “stuff” that is happening around us, it can be so overwhelming! The influx of information and sifting through what is real and what is fake, can be a very frustrating and upsetting experience.

When we find ourselves in an extended period of malaise and unshakeable hopelessness and helplessness, it may be time to reach out. Innova Therapy counsellors in both Coquitlam & Maple Ridge are compassionate and qualified, with many years of experience in the treatment of depression and all its related issues.

Our Masters level counsellors use various types of therapeutic modalities to help our clients, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, client-centred therapy, rational emotive behavioural therapy, and more.

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Counselling for Anxiety

All the stuff mentioned above has the effect of causing stress and tension. We may find ourselves lashing out at our loved ones for no “apparent” reason. We may become impatient and short, or losing our temper at the smallest thing. We may be inundated with unwanted negative thoughts that we just can’t seem to shake. When we are not able to get control over our anxiety, this may lead to depression.

Getting help for anxiety can lead to a better quality life, one that is more peaceful and calm, and allows us to enjoy life as it is.

Innova Therapy counsellors in Coquitlam & Maple Ridge are well-versed in the treatment of anxiety. We have helped many individuals understand and manage their anxiety levels to live healthy and productive lives.

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Counselling for Poor Self-Esteem

When we find constantly questioning ourselves in regard to our actions and our decisions, we may be suffering from poor self-esteem. When we lack confidence in voicing our thoughts and our opinions, it may be because we have been told from young that our voice does not matter. When we find ourselves holding back from living our dream lives, or holding our dream job, it may be because we don’t believe we are good enough or deserving enough.

When we suffer from poor self-esteem, we can’t live the life we desire. However, this does not have to be something we are stuck with. Innova Therapy’s experienced and compassionate counsellors in Coquitlam & Maple Ridge can help you understand, let go and forgive if required, and reframe who you are to help you become who you were meant to be.

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Other Mental Health or Emotional Challenges

Innova Therapy counsellors also help our valued clients with Couples or Marriage Counselling, Trauma Counselling, Grief & Bereavement, life transitions, men’s issues, women’s issues, and more. We also provide Counselling for Teens, and Pre-Retirement Counselling, as well as Perinatal Mental Health Counselling, for pre- and post-partum issues.

Know that you are not alone, and help is available. You can feel better today! Call us now for an appointment at 604-484-2737 or click on the Book Online button above.