Nutrition Counselling for Better Health

We all know – instinctively, theoretically, ideally – that we need to eat healthily to attain good health. But do we know exactly how to do this?

How many of us have tried various diets, some fad, some work for a month or two, but none that have been sustainable over the long term?

This is where Nutrition Counselling comes in.

Registered Dietitians in British Columbia provide nutrition counselling, advice, and even meal plans, to help us achieve our most optimal health.

Eat healthy for a healthy life; I need to lose weight; I am overweight; I need help controlling my weight
I need to eat more healthy; I need to lose weight; i need to control my weight; i need to control my eating habits

What is Nutrition Counselling


According to the National Cancer Institute, Nutrition Counselling is “a process by which a health professional with special training in nutrition helps people make healthy food choices and form healthy eating habits.

In cancer treatment, the goal of nutritional counselling is to help patients stay healthy during and after treatment and to stay strong enough to fight infections and the recurrence of disease.”

The health professional with special training in nutrition are Registered Dietitians in British Columbia. Registered Dietitians have undergone many years of training at the post-graduate level, and have met the strict criteria for membership with the College of Dietitians of BC.


What is a Registered Dietitian


According to the College of Dietitians of British Columbia (CDBC), Dietitians “provide nutrition care along the entire continuum of life – from before conception to end of life. Dietitians actively contribute to the health and wellbeing of British Columbians and are essential members of interprofessional healthcare teams”.

In British Columbia, the CDBC “ensures protection of the BC public by establishing, monitoring and enforcing competent, safe and ethical dietetic practice”.

For more information, visit the CDBC website here.



A Registered Dietitian Can Help


… in the following ways:

  • Assess your nutritional needs based on your health, your medical history, and your lifestyle
  • Design and monitor nutritional care plans and medical nutrition therapy based on current and relevant scientific, medical and nutrition information
  • Provide advice and guidance for sustainable weight management 
  • Share the latest science-based information about food and human nutrition to help you attain, restore or maintain good health



Meet our Registered Dietitians

Registered Dietitian Maple Ridge Mona Kang helps you with your nutrition and diet | Innova Therapy Inc. Maple Ridge & Coquitlam, Maple Ridge Registered Dietitian, Experienced Dietitian in Maple Ridge, Mona Kang experienced Registered Dietitian in Maple Ridge and virtually, get help with your diet, help with my health, I need help to find out what foods are best for my health issues, irritable bowel syndrome, I have gut problems, I have gastrointestinal issues

Mona Kang, Registered Dietitian | Innova Therapy Inc. Maple Ridge & Virtually

Mona Kang, RD

My years of experience as a dietitian seeing very sick patients, coupled with being a mom of 2 young children has helped me develop a very practical view on nutrition. I can help you find ways to look at nutrition in a new light that works for you….

Read Mona’s bio here.

Nanette Ho, Registered Dietitian Innova Therapy Inc Maple Ridge, experienced nutritionist and dietitian helping clients with IBS, gastro-intestinal issues, weight management, meal planning, etc

Nanette Ho, Registered Dietitian | Innova Therapy Inc. Coquitlam & Virtually

Nanette Ho, RD

My experience working in a wide range of clinical settings has highlighted the importance of adapting nutrition counselling to the specific needs of individuals.  One meal plan does not fit all!

Effective nutrition counselling explores more than just specific nutrients, but also the environment in which we live and eat, and the connections we have through food…

Read Nanette’s full bio here.