Tips for Successful eCounselling

Like traditional in-person counselling sessions, an eCounselling session is dedicated time between you and your counsellor to address your mental health and emotional issues. To facilitate a successful eCounselling session, here are some tips to ensure that your session goes as smoothly as possible.

Environment and successful eCounselling

Firstly, identify a quiet place where you can be comfortable, talk freely, and most importantly, you cannot be overheard.

Sad young woman video counselling Innova Centre CoquitlamIf you share the house with family or housemates and there isn’t such a place inside your home, an easy solution would be that you could sit inside your parked car in the garage or outside the house.

If there are others in nearby rooms, let them know you won’t be available for about an hour and should not be interrupted unless it is an emergency.


Internet Connection and successful eCounselling

Equally important, a stable internet connection is required for successful eCounselling. If at all possible, position yourself near your wifi router, or alternatively, you could turn on your data if needed.

We would advise closing other programs on your computer or tablet as they may slow down your connection.

Use headphones or earbuds if you have them. You will be able to hear more clearly and this helps facilitate a successful eCounselling experience.

Other Distractions

If there are voice-activated speakers or other devices in the room (such as Google Home or Alexa), we would suggest that you unplug them.

Do make sure your computer, tablet or phone is fully charged before the session begins. You may also like to test the webcam to ensure it is working.

If you are using your phone, please ensure the “do not disturb” setting is on, to avoid distracting notifications popping up during the session.

Turn your selfie video off if possible, as seeing yourself on screen can be quite distracting!

And finally …

If you feel unsure about what your counsellor might have said, always ask them to repeat for clarification to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings.

We would also encourage you to have a glass of water and some tissues nearby.

Before rejoining the rest of your household, we would encourage you to have a bit of a break after your session to process what was discussed, and to reflect on any insights that may have come up.

If you have any concerns at all about your eCounselling experience, please share them with your therapist.