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Registered Social Worker Behi Ahani is trained in DBT, EMDR and CBT to treat trauma, addictions, and borderline personality disorder.

Behi Ahani, RSW | Innova Therapy Inc. Coquitlam & Online

Ms Behi Ahani, RSW, is an experienced Farsi-speaking Registered Social Worker, who has helped many clients on a wide range of issues, including trauma and mood disorders. Behi is available for in-person counselling at our Coquitlam office on Saturdays, as well as virtually.

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Counsellor for autism, counselling for OCD, counsellor for early psychosis, expert in life transitions, young adult counselling, couples therapist, trauma informed therapist

Bryan Kim, CCC | Innova Therapy Inc. Coquitlam & Online

A counsellor for 10 years, Bryan Kim, CCC, helps the community with mental health issues including depression and anxiety, relationships, parenting issues, mood and behavioural disorders, and autism. Bryan is available for in-person counselling at our Coquitlam office, as well as virtually.

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